The playground has rainbow bridges, slides, and a management heart crawling mountains in vivid colors, and the entire space is foam coated. Rainbow Valley is a playground designed by FriendsWithYou located on the Aventura Mall in Miami. It consisted of several balloons sizing from ft to toes and premiered in December during Art Basel Miami. Cloud Metropolis opened at the MOCA warehouse through the annual Artwork Basel in Miami. With the start of Cloud Metropolis, FriendsWithYou additionally released a CD music album of the identical title that includes music artists akin to PonPoko Phoenicia Otto VaN Shirach and Sam. Cloud Bouncing Cloud Bouncing is a dwell action and graphic effects video clip where Hoot and Hootabelle bounce around the clouds together.

Giggle and Hoot was an Australian kids’ television wraparound program aired on the ABC Youngsters channel. Multiplatform Youngsters’ Television Online. Dream Maker was a set up of rotating spherical objects with faces similar to a miniature solar system. Several objects replicated the facial design of their character, The boy. The central figure in this set, The boy, is an archetype that embodies youth and naïve creation. Kahotan July. Nendoroid Ash & Pikachu Pokémon. Samuel Borkson; Arturo Sandoval III July. Mates With You Cloudy. Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III. Skywalkers Parade was commissioned by Scion and collaborated with other artists akin to Ara Peterson Misaki Kawai MumbleBoy Paper Rad David Choe and DEVILROBOTS. Read more info

Composed by Sean Peter in collaboration with ABC. The setup was meant to foster creativity in children through its interactivity through a storyline of a small mountain who loses his household on a search to play with other mountains. It opened in December and was their first permanent installation. Cloudy is a video installation launched on Pharrell Williams”i’m Other’ and the YouTube channel. FWY store and a nice artwork gallery. Nada Artwork Truthful New York. Clouds singing and positively performing their duties present us that every little thing in our world has a task and a goal. The purpose of the piece is to transcend the viewer to a peaceful and joyous state. Every night, Hootabelle lights up the stars in the land of Giggle and Hoot together with her twinkling wand.